Jul 012013

We’re going through some major reworking of this site but it’s not the only thing on our list of things to do which means it will take a while.

We’re not saying not to check back but we are saying you might want to give us a month or so before you do.

The weather is hot but the wind hasn’t been bad lately so instead of looking at websites why not come out to North Bonn & play a couple rounds?

Aug 142011

WOW! It was so great of you all to come out and make it a great day of Disc Golf.

I was disappointed to not be able to play but I had such a great time watching the skill round that if was more than worth it.

I really want to thank RipCityDisc. The Booth set-up was really professional. The shirts are sharp and can’t wait to pick up my at the next Dabney.

Thank you to Disc Golf Depot. Alway a pleasure to have you come out and help support us Jerry.

Bently Baskets, Thank you! There will be one of your baskets in my yard.

To all the guys of Disc Dominations, thank you so much for making our year old vision come to life. George, the food was awesome!

Justin, Nice toss to pick up that CE TeeBird. Stephan, was that a thumber you threw to pick up the ace pot?

Thank you to all the players. I am thinking about next year already!!

Phillip Kurtz (PhilStomp)

Mar 292011

We’re getting ready for our next tournament. Come join us Sunday, June 19th for the 2nd Annual Amnesia Open. We’ve got 13 concrete tee pads in so far & will get the rest completed as soon as the north side dries up a bit. We’ve made several holes longer, a couple of them tougher & the whole course better. Stay tuned for more details.

(Click on the picture for a better view.)

Sep 132010

Yes, we are having another tournament on Saturday, October 16th and the wonderful folks at Amnesia Brewing are the title sponsor again.  We can’t call it the 2nd Annual since we just had the 1st Annual a few months ago, so help us come up with a name for this one.

We’re having 2 rounds again, 1st round starts at 10:00am & the 2nd round starts at 1pm.  To make it more interesting, everyone has to play the 2nd round with only 1 mid-range disc & 1 putter.  Combined scores for both rounds will determine the winners, so brush up on your mid-range hucking skills now.

More details as we get closer.

Jun 302010

Perhaps the most relaxed competition in the world, we’re adding a new category this year just for families.

In addition to our usual Really Good and Pretty Good divisions, this year will also include the Family Plan division which will consist of teams of two individuals, one of whom must be 13 or under.  Team members don’t have to be members of the same family, although our main goal is to encourage parents and children to come out and play together.

Family Plan teams will play under standard scramble rules which means both members will throw from each tee and lie and then get to choose which throw they want to use to play their next shot.  This gives the younger kids a chance to compete with all you long-throwing grownups.

Registration is day of only and is $15 which includes a nifty t-shirt.  Family Plan teams pay $20 per team and get 2 shirts.  What a deal!

Also as usual, we’ll have a barbecue and awards to wrap things up.

Apr 182010

What a beautiful day for a quick round… great weather with a gusty and unpredictable wind to make every hole a challenge.

With the clear weather most of the course has dried out, but watch for the remaining swampy parts and goose do-do on hole 4!

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Apr 172010
The weather is clearing up, the course is drying out and it’s time to start Sunday Doubles. This year, join us for doubles every Sunday (through the end of September) at 5:00pm.  Justin with Columbia Gorge Disc Golf will be running doubles for us again this year and he’s raising the bar.
We’re upping the buy-in from $3 to $4 this year with $1 going into the pot, $1 into the ace pot (there is already carry over from last year), and $2 into our concrete tee pad fund.
With the ace pot getting pretty big,  we’re going to split it & leave half as a regular ace pot & put the other half into a pot for a “Skins Game” special event to be held at the end of the season.  This event will be invitation only with invites going out to everyone who plays in at least 10 of our doubles over the summer.  Just one more reason to make North Bonn one of your regular stops.
We are also holding a couple tournaments this season in order to get the concrete pads in before next winter.  Assuming this winter ever ends, of course.

Last year’s doubles were a big hit and we expect more entrants this year so come on out and join us!